SD-WAN as a Service for Start-ups in India: An elegant, economical and effective solution for business expansion

SD-WAN as a Service for Start-ups in India: An elegant, economical and effective solution for business expansion May 24, 2017
Public Cloud is helping Start-ups to roll out their Applications & Services faster, scaling up or scaling down the cloud infrastructure resources based on the requirement is easier, the applications & Services are always available and of-course Start-ups can do this with PAYG (Pay As You Go) model without any capital expenditure. The productivity tools like Microsoft Apps, Google Apps, CRM, Billing Applications are consumed as SaaS.

Internet Connectivity is provisioned in each location for the employees to access Public Cloud and SaaS applications, there is no requirement of a Private Enterprise MPLS network any more. With this model, start-ups can easily expand their operations with more offices, more distribution centres, delivery hubs in multiple locations/cities, and some companies have started offline stores also.

It is economically not viable to have Internet Leased Line connectivity to all the locations. Few critical locations may have expensive Internet Leased Line connectivity with SLA and uptime commitment from Service Providers. As connectivity to majority locations is using broadband Internet, the application performance in these locations are pretty unpredictable. To secure and prioritise the business applications requires expensive equipment in each location and IT team has to install, configure & manage these devices which adds operational expenses. For locations with few users with only Internet broadband connectivity, application prioritisation is not achievable and hence the Quality of Experience for the users in these locations is a challenge. WAN has become a bottleneck for application performance, Cloud reduces application cost and increases network cost.

WAN Connectivity challenges for Start-ups

  • No visibility to bandwidth utilization at branch location
  • No Centralised control over the network
  • Lack of uniform security and policy for all locations
  • Lack of ability to prioritise business traffic

Solution: Software Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN)

With SD-WAN Start-ups will have,

  • Immediate access to network bandwidth when business expands & deep insights in to bandwidth at any branch
  • Centralised command and control over the network with Cloud Controller
  • Centralised secure network policy across branch, HQ and Cloud with Cloud Controller
  • Traffic prioritisation and instant visibility for any application at any branch

Benefits of SD-WAN Solution for Start-ups

SD-WAN solution will be very beneficial for Start-ups to expand business with Secure and better Application performance for users, with features and functionalities which include,

  • WAN Link aggregation, aggregate all available Bandwidth from multiple Service Provider links to get one large logical pipe
  • Internet Links can be used in an Active + Active mode
  • Supports VPN with AES-256 bit encryption. Requires no public IP at branch locations
  • Enterprise grade security, with in-built Stateful Firewall & URL filtering feature and Integration with Cloud Security
  • Faster deployment, with Zero Touch Provisioning at branch locations and Centralised Controller for Provisioning, Management and Monitoring
  • Link Quality & Capacity Analytics, Network utilization and traffic flow will help companies to take necessary corrective actions
  • A Software solution, can be deployed on Public Cloud to achieve all the benefits of SD-WAN on Cloud
  • Centralised secure network policy, application prioritisation across branch and Cloud

Cost of SD-WAN Solution

In SD-WAN Solution, the Control Plane i.e SD-WAN Controller is in the Cloud, customers do not have to incur any cost to deploy and manage an on-premise controller. At branch locations, the customer can deploy the SD-WAN Software on a VM or on a cost-effective server, other option is to procure a low-cost Hardware CPE from the SD-WAN vendor. For deployment on public cloud, it is only subscription cost. The total cost of SD-WAN Solution with subscription for 3 years including Hardware CPE will be USD1500 to USD2500 based on bandwidth and number of locations. TCO of SD-WAN solution is much lower than solution with UTM appliance or Network Appliance in every branch, which has to be deployed and managed in every location.

Start-ups should evaluate and deploy SD-WAN Solution for business expansions, which is Simple, Secure and Swift.

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