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Fledglings’ Tech Consultants is a management and strategy consulting firm. Founded in 2017, we help Networking, Communications and Security Start-ups with Go-To-Market planning, strategy & execution which ultimately lead to growth and profitability. We also advise Systems Integrators to transform their business for the digital era.

We believe in “Nurturing and Helping Start-ups (Fledglings) to fly high” with a bespoke Go-To-Market Plan and Execution Strategy for India.

We mentor Systems Integrators and Solution Providers with a strategic roadmap to transform their business to provide Digital Transformation Solutions & Services to their Enterprise customers, thus helping them in their Digital journey

We offer integrated cost-effective & resource-effective solutions that help customers gain a competitive edge in the industry. The brains behind Fledglings’ can boast about achieving excellence in Consulting, Sales, and various Leadership Roles.

We drive CHANGE. Our combination of skills; understanding of the eco-system, market and technology trends; prior startup experience; agility and experience; helps our clients succeed in the long term in an ever-changing world.


Arun Shetty, the Founder and Director of Fledglings’ Tech Consultants, has a vast experience in Sales, Systems Engineering & Business Development in the domain of IT Infrastructure – Networking and Communications industry.

Arun’s career graph boasts of MNC’s like Avaya, Cisco, Riverbed, Wipro and Digital/Compaq, both overseas and in India, for more than 25 years.

Arun has created a name for himself in the areas of Direct Sales, Sales Engineering, Business Development and Channel Sales. You could easily call him a driver for change for his focus on customer satisfaction, helping startups launch their operations with Go-To-Market strategy and providing advice on business transformation to companies.

His passion for technology also sees him present market trends and technology insights to clients, who value his opinions and have always gained from implementing his advice. Given his love for technology, and his experience in IT infrastructure, another of his passions include being an active Blogger on IT Infrastructure & Applications.

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